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Check in early to secure your place at the starting line


24 hours (price includes paddling equipment)

360 € 15.12.2023 - 15.02.2024 

410 € 16.02. - 16.4. 2024

460 € 17.04. - 18.06. 2024


12 hours (price includes paddling equipment)

270 € 15.12.2023 - 15.02.2024 

310 € 16.02. - 16.4. 2024

360 € 17.04. - 18.06. 2024


6 hours (paddling equipment is not included in the price)

130 € 15.12.2023 - 15.02.2024

180 € 16.02. - 16.4. 2024

230 € 17.04. - 18.06. 2024

Canoeing equipment rental price 70€ incl. flotation vest and paddles


6 hours solo (paddling equipment is not included in the price)

70 € 15.12.2023 - 15.02.2024 

120 € 16.02. - 16.4. 2024

170 € 17.04. - 18.06. 2024

Paddling equipmentt is not available for rent in the solo series


Price includes:

Maps and route book


GPS tracking

Saunas / washing facilities


Lunch 15€ / person, incl. salad table, chicken pasta, water, juice and coffee/tea with dessert

Page updated in 15.12.2023

Registration conditions

Seats have been reserved for a maximum of 80 teams.

Within the team, participants can change the series on June 18th. until.

If the event has to be canceled due to force majeure, the organizer has the right to withhold € 20 from the participation fee and return the final amount to the participant.

The organizer of the event and the producers of image and sound material designated by the organizer have the right to record and use the image and sound material taken from the event for marketing purposes and to present and distribute the material recorded at the event in public.

For health reasons, you can transfer your participation to next year’s event. In case of transfer, the entire paid participation fee will be used for the next year's event, when the transfer is made no later than 18.06.2024. If you transfer the right to participate to the next year, notify us by e-mail info@karelianodyssey.fi.

Cancellations due to illness can be made up to the date of the event. In case of illness, 100% of the participation fee will be refunded against a medical certificate after the event.

ATTENTION! If a team changes series after registration, the subtotal of the entry fee will NOT be refunded if the series change is for a cheaper series, but an additional fee will be charged if the series change is for a more expensive series.

Payment methods

The information required for the participation fee will be sent by e-mail after registration